Just like Trinidad, only freezing

21 01 2008

This was our second annual “Trinidad Weekend.” The time in the dead of winter where we cook nothing but Trinidad food. The only thing is that it didn’t make it seem any warmer. I picked this weekend because it was so cold. But next year I think we’ll do it around Carnival.

So no, it still seemed cold this weekend but it went well. I made some doubles (more on that later), Karen made curry chicken, channa & potato with bus up shut roti on Saturday, bake and shark for lunch Sunday, and stew chicken with macaroni pie and pigeon peas for dinner Sunday. Good times. I finished the weekend off on Monday with a solo run on Mummy’s oxtail soup. Well, not completely solo, Karen made the dumplings.  I followed her recipe exactly, and noticed some things that I apparently forgot to write down. But I managed it all right and Karen said it rocked. And guess what secret ingredient I added:

and don’t forget the bat’s fangs!

Do you see it in there? Yes, I know it looks like witches’ brew, but pay attention. I added a habanero pepper in to the soup, just like everyone says you’re supposed to. It didn’t burst, and the soup wasn’t hot at all. And it looked a lot nicer in the bowls, too. Even Jonathan and Ben tried some and liked it. Ben likes all my soups. Good boy.



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22 01 2008

no doubles pictures?
just this morning I was thinking, what I really wanted for lunch was macaroni pie and stew chicken. Not in Guyana though, not the way I want it.
weekend cooking wasn’t ruined…what shall become of this blog title?

23 01 2008

Congrats Mark……..that soup looks delicious if I may say so myself. I really could have taken on some bake and shark this weekend. You have to promise to make some when next I am there. Oh, a friend of mine brought me two large frozen salmons all the way from Canada. These salmons are from the USA though, Alaska. Now I will be calling you all soon to find out what’s the best way to prepare it. So please work on some recipes for me.

23 01 2008

And Chenette will love to hear this……….I have all the lime and shadow beni ready for seasoning……..

23 01 2008

Ah. Shadow Beni! Another thing they somehow survive without in Guyana.

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