Blogging the talent show

11 02 2008

Isaac was in a talent show last week. He played the Windmill Theme from the Legend of Zelda. We’re dorks, I know. But he did really well and we were very proud of him.

rock star isaac

What we didn’t know when I talked Isaac into this was that this talent show is a pretty big deal at the school and there were enough acts to fill three hours of time. It was okay, most of the acts were very cool, and the kids were very excited to get up in front of everyone.

But something struck me as I sit there watching all this. There were 15 dance numbers in the talent show, and the majority of those were accompanied by music from a little side project Disney’s been working on, you may have heard of it.

hanna who?

List this as Reason #384 Why I’m Glad I Have Boys. Hanna Montana is Disney’s cash cow so I suppose it’s inevitable that there are posters, Barbie dolls, two video games for the Nintendo DS, CD’s, DVD’s, the clothing line and accessories, blankets & bedding, musical toothbrushes, breakfast cereals, toy guitars, books, teddy bears, and, um, oh yeah, there’s also a movie. And isn’t there a world tour as well, selling out stadiums and ruining art shows all over the country? (Here’s a shout out to my bud Bennie down in SC!)

But alas, as I write all this down I realize that I am a hypocrite. Yes, it is shameful the overmarketing of Miley Cyrus by Disney, but honestly I’ve got a bunch of Star Wars stuff in the house so I have no room to talk. But I am happy to play video games and Star Wars and Buzz Lightyear with my boys, and now I have renewed appreciation for all that goes with it.




6 responses

12 02 2008

ummmm…boy.imp is totally groovin’ on Hannah’s songs. I really cannot wait until baseball season starts!

12 02 2008
mark - in my own defense

Really? Then maybe I should just be glad that we never watch the Disney channel.

13 02 2008
Daddy Forever

My 7-year said the girls in her class are so excited about Hanna Montana. Luckily, my daughter doesn’t care for her because she has never seen her show. Thank goodness we don’t have cable.

13 02 2008

THANK YOU, MARK!!! The Cash Cow stole some of my cash around Thanksgiving. Because of High School Musical and Hannah Should Go to Montana I really dread my daughter’s upcoming school talent show.

13 02 2008

I’m rather fond of Hannah Montana, because it’s a really good show.

14 02 2008

No Barbies, no dress up dolls, no princesses, no pony tails, no make-up, no training bras. It’s all blood and gore and heads torn off Spiderman and limbless action figures and little green army men annihilting each other. Po Ke Mon, baseball cards, football helmets, stinky socks left all over the house, armpit farts and the use of certain male appendages as guns. (I did tell you that story, no?) Oh, and the constant breaking of bones, glasses, furniture and pets. There are pros and cons to having boys.

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