Because I’m more romantic than you

17 02 2008

Watching ESPN or any sports show on TV during the first half of February you will see, on average, 325 ads for Valentine’s day gifts in any given evening. Let’s see, there were flowers, candy, jewelry, Lexus, Mercedes, Cadillac, Hallmark cards, there’s a gift for any budget. But they forgot one:

How romantic, right up there with the three hole punch from last year.

It takes a very confident man to buy his wife a video game for Valentine’s day. A man secure in the knowledge that he knows what she really wants. A man secure in the knowledge that she will appreciate just how hard it is to come by a Nintendo DS Lite at this point in history. And a man who, just in case, is secure in the knowledge that they have a reasonably comfortable guest bed, should his gift fail to impress.

Have no fear, dear reader. She loved it. Of course she did. And how was I so sure it was what she really wanted? She bought the case for it back in December.

see?  I’m not so crazy as you would think.

That’s a Legend of Zelda symbol of some sort on the top of the case. My wife is a Nintendo fangirl. Isn’t she the most awesome wife ever? Now if only I could convince her to get the Hi-def TV and the Xbox 360 (Fable 2 is coming)….



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18 02 2008

Funny, but I thought she got one for Christmas. You are such a good husband!

18 02 2008

Both Joan and Jessie have their own DS Lites (white cases). We discovered shortly after Jessie got hers that the two of them have trouble sharing. Most excellent way to a woman’s heart. And congrats, Karen!

18 02 2008

The one I “got” for Christmas went to my oldest son. 😦
Mark didn’t mention that this brand new DS is in the beautiful new cobalt blue color with the black interior. What a great Valentine’s Day present!

19 02 2008
Daddy Forever

I bought my wife a Gameboy a few years ago. She loved it, but the kids think its their toy now.

20 02 2008

LOL. Good on you, mate!

I got off very easy this year. Wife.Imp advised me that she really wanted a steam mop and today the dirty deed was done!!

20 02 2008
Mari Ickes

I got one too!! The cobalt blue one is great! I had a pink one that I got a few years ago. My four year old son took it over (you would’ve thought the pink would’ve kept him away!) So, I got one that is definitely my own now!!

27 02 2008
Michele B

B checked out demo or some sort of preview of Fable 2 and predicted that this would push Karen into the xbox 360 world…
Just thought I’d give you a little hope.

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