22 02 2008

When Karen was pregnant with our firstborn a very wise friend of ours told us “Get baby socks from Old Navy. They’re the only ones that stay on.” True enough, they did. So we’ve bought all our baby socks from Old Navy (as much as we could, they don’t always have stores this far out in PennsylTuckey) and they’ve served us well. Until now. Now Ben’s socks just won’t stay on at all any more, so we’ve been forced to retire them. Here’s a select few that got the heave last weekend:

socks are the most interesting thing in the house this week

I’m not sure where those realllly long ones came from, but they did keep Ben’s legs warm when he was growing out of his pants. But there it is, the feeble few Old Navy socks that finally gave up the dust. They seem to fall off of their own free will these days. Then again, the tag says “0-6 months” so I’m actually kinda impressed that here Ben is, almost two years old, and we’re only now just throwing away the first socks we ever bought him. They lasted through almost two complete winters, so I’m not at all shocked that they have no strength left.

Ben’s a small guy. He’s always going to be a small guy. And this whole sock thing gives me an idea. I’m thinking we should buy all his clothes from LL Bean and put to use that lifetime gaurantee. Doesn’t Sears have something like that too, where they’ll replace any children’s clothes for free that wear out before the kids grow out of them? They’ve met their match in us.



3 responses

24 02 2008

If you find a store that replaces outgrown school clothes for free, then by all means please let me know!!

25 02 2008
Daddy Forever

Wow. That’s amazing. You actually have matching socks. Didn’t know that was possible after two years.

29 02 2008

I wish I knew about the guarantee you’re referring to before my son hit his teen years. He was wearing a boy’s size ten from fifth through eighth grade, and kept wearing them out. Once he hit a size twelve, he grew out of them within six months!

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