Finding my culinary roots

24 03 2008

yes I’m blogging about British food

There’s lots of Gordon Ramsay on TV these days, and that’s good. He’s good television. You have to respect a man who can swear like that on national television while standing next to his mother. And his British shows that I get on BBC America are way better than the American ones produced by Fox.

Anyway, watching Gordon Ramsay makes me want to eat simple, honest, British cooking so that means that when Karen came home from the store one day with a two pound beef roast I instantly thought of Yorkshire pudding. But guess who didn’t include a recipe for it in his cookbook Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Heaven? Thanks for nothing, Ramsay. So then I try my trusty friend Google and it takes me to this site, where I find Gordon’s recipe for roast beef and Yorkshire puddings. Way cool, let’s go.

Now, I’m sure I will be laughed at by people who know. Blogging about how excited I was to try Yorkshire pudding. Go ahead, it gets even better if you keep on reading.

So you mix the batter together and let it rest, then mix it again. It smells a lot like pancake batter. You put some oil in the cups of a muffin tin and put it in the oven to get hot. When it’s hot you take out the tin and pour in the batter.

They started frying immediately

Stick it back in the oven and cook until risen and golden brown and crispy.

starting to be too many pictures

Take it out and let it cool a little bit before getting them out of the pan. Wait, why are they so stuck? I got out a spoon and had to dig them out, and when I was done the pan looked like this:

I may have left them in a hair too long.

But they tasted okay. Yes, I burned them a little, but what do you expect? They tasted WAY better than the beef. I had put it in the crock pot early in the morning and Karen came home from work pretty late, so it was in there for about 11 hours or so.  How to turn beef into a brillo pad.  When it started I put in one cup of water, and when it was done I got out 3 cups of gravy. If a pint is a pound the world around that means that my beef roast lost a pound of water weight while it was in the slow cooker. That ain’t good eats.

The gravy was excellent.  For leftovers we just had gravy.



7 responses

25 03 2008
Daddy Forever

Slow down, chef. You’re confusing me with your cooking jargon. I just learned how to boil water for my instant noodle.

25 03 2008

Yeah, I don’t know that the crock pot is the optimal cooking instrument for something you want to serve at least medium, if not medium rare, like a nice pot roast. The only thing I’ve ever fished out of the crock pot and found it not well well well well done was the cornish hens.

Did you know that half done cornish hens from the crock pot can still fly?

25 03 2008
mark - in my own defense

Half done cornish hens? Sounds like it’ll send you flying to the toilet.

26 03 2008

No, when my dear husband pointed out their half-doneness, they went flying toward his head.

What can I say. He married a thrower.

31 03 2008

Ouch. Poor little cow.

19 04 2008
Michele B

Ok Ok I’m way behind as usual…what is in Yorkshire pudding anyway? They actually look really good.
Anyone who can make folks pine for English cuisine MUST be an extrodinary chef.

30 04 2008

I got here by blog-hopping, and have to say that I’m amused (in a good way, I promise).

As a seasoned maker of Yorkshire Puddings, the only time they’ve stuck like that for me is when I didn’t put enough fat in the tins. I’ve only used beef drippings (traditional) or butter (for when you want yorkshire puddings with, say, manwich), so I can’t vouch for oil. But with butter I usually put somewhere between around a full tablespoon per individual pudding, or a whole stick (YIKES!) for a full pan (which is a recipe and a half, as I make it).

Granted, this is about 1/2-2/3 of the fat called for in the recipe I originally got handed down from my grandmother…

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