Don’t superheroes get maternity leave?

10 04 2008

You could subtitle this post Disturbing Superhero Images, vol. 2
Here’s vol. 1 in case you’ve forgotten. I should really keep up to date on these things.

Jonathan has this Spider-man & Friends memory game. In this game you match the top half of the superhero to the bottom half. A very interesting concept and I’m sure this game is enjoyed most by the Marvel supervillians.

Well, upon close inspection of these playing pieces (because I have nothing better to do) I noticed something. The male superheroes like Spidey, Thing, and the Hulk are buff, with six pack abs and bulging muscles.

look at those abs!Flex the pecs!

Okay, so maybe Spider-man looks more like Fonzie. The girls, however, look 4-5 months pregnant. Here’s Spider-girl and Storm:

not so imposing…she’s supposed to fly, isn’t she?

Being married to a currently pregnant woman, I can truly say that it is indeed a super power. But not exactly in the crime fighting sense. More in the creating life sense. Karen’s other superpower is getting me to go get things for her.




3 responses

11 04 2008
Daddy Forever

My son has that game. But I think he lost some of the pieces. Big surprise.

12 04 2008

I remember the countless hours that Jonny and Rhoda spent playing with this game! I never noticed the pregnant looking girls before you mentioned it….Mark….I think you need help! LOL

12 04 2008

Well, I guess it’s better than them being built like Barbie.

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