Thank you to Lawrence, a year and a half later

16 04 2008

Let’s see, as a Christmas present from December 2006 (coincidentally the last time we saw the man) we were given a coat rack for our entry way as a subtle hint gag gift. We have no coat closet in our 110 year old house so he bought us a coat rack. Doing some math, that’s 16 months later I get around to hanging the thing.

In my defense, I did have some repair work to do before I could hang it. I had to stop the water leakage problems (involving fixing the roof, cleaning out the downspouts, and repainting that corner of the house), wait for the wall to dry, patch the plaster, then prime and paint.

Four years I’ve been hanging my coat on the dining room chairs. It will take months for me to get used to going to the door for my coat.



4 responses

17 04 2008

Yah! Finally! And you are quite aware of the reasons that I was not able to make it this Christmas. I really did want to come too! I missed my yearly trip to the icebox so much! I will try to make it for summer perhaps!

19 04 2008
Michele B

Yeah and if you are anything like me you’ll find yourself wandering around your house for 20 minutes thinking “where did I leave that damn coat”, praying to Saint Anthony (well probably not that, Catholic thing you know – not to mention he probably doesn’t appreciate the use of the word “damn” – probably why he doesn’t help me half the time) before you realize “oh its in the new place where it belongs” also realizing you walked right by it 26 times.

25 04 2008
Miss Behaving

Funny! You sound like me, takes forever to get anything done around here.
Also we were givena new fridge almost 2 years ago, so we have 2.
We decided to keep one for drinks only and the other for food.
I still go to the old one first every morning for the milk.

Your coat rack looks good though!

2 05 2008
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