Ben is two today

1 05 2008

I thought of it myself

Well technically his birthday was Wednesday. It took me a while to come up with something to write, though, because at first I was kind of sad. Remembering back to what was happening in the days after Ben was born can be tough. We were glad to have the little guy around, but sad that he’d have to deal with these disabilities his whole life. And Ben is developing very slowly. But then I started looking through the pictures we’ve taken throughout the last year and it made me feel better. It’s very cool to look at where we’ve been and see how far we’ve come. So that’s what I’m going to do.

This is how small Benjamin was when he was first born:

Here he was a year later, on his first birthday:

Isn’t Mommy pretty?  Since his last birthday he’s learned to do a few new things. He’s started rolling over onto his belly by himself consistently.

He’s even started rolling around the room to get to toys.

He’s learned to hold onto things, like toys,










drumsticks (he also likes to play the drums),

and even his mic-key tube.

He’s even started bringing things to his mouth, which we think is very cool.

But the coolest of the cool is that he sits up by himself very well now, and he likes doing it.

I just need to work with him on his balance so that he can catch himself before listing over too far. There is a point of no return on that right side since he has no way to catch himself over there. In the past year we haven’t made a whole lot of progress with “mouth food,” but I like to attribute that to the fact that he’s been teething constantly since Thanksgiving.  Ben is interested in food, but it usually takes some convincing to get it near his mouth.

Happy Birthday Ben. We love you.



5 responses

2 05 2008
Daddy Forever

Happy birthday, Ben! Sounds like daddy loves you a lot.

3 05 2008

Happy Birthday, Ben!

4 05 2008
Miss Behaving

I think Ben is loved by everyone who reads your blog.
I love the way you put the photos up , it really shows his progress, when you think of the determination required for him to achieve these milestones the little guy must have such inner strength and resolve.
Happy Birthday Ben.

5 05 2008

Happy birthday, Ben!

Mark, you are now realizing another blessing of raising a special child. They grow up a lot slower than the others so it’s much easier to digest.

14 05 2008
sharon millar

Happy birthday to a beautiful boy. I love the picture of him as a tiny baby.
I think he chose you and Karen, who wouldn’t want you two as parents!

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