Happy Birthday Jonny

5 06 2008

Jonathan was born with the greatest birthday in the world: The last day of school.  Tell me how sweet that is.

Jonathan is my kid who never stops.  Never stops what, you ask?  He never stops moving, never stops eating, never stops bothering Benjamin, never stops asking questions, and most of all, he never stops talking.

Jonny likes to draw pictures, color them in, and make up stories about them.  Mostly they’re about video games or Pokemon.  He’s always liked to bother Benjamin, squeezing his little arm to the point where he seems obsessive-compulsive about it.  But lately he’s really taken to helping out with Ben as well.  He’ll get toys for Ben when they’ve gotten away, and keep an eye on him when Mom or Dad are busy.  He’s done a lot of growing up this past year, and for that we are all grateful.

He even allowed a photo shoot on the eve of his birthday:

Actually it was two photo shoots.  The first set didn’t work out, so he let reluctantly put on the nice shirt again and, with bribery, let me snap away a second time.

Jonathan is way cool.  Happy 5.



3 responses

6 06 2008

Happy Birthday Jonny! Wow – 5 years old! You are practically all grown up!

9 06 2008
Daddy Forever

Happy birthday, Jonathan! You’re 5 years and 4 days old now.

11 06 2008
Miss Behaving

Happy Birthday Jonathan. So cute.
I am glad you put that he ‘agreed to put on the nice shirt again’ cos when I see other peoples pix oftheir kids I always wonder why mine never have a pic taken when they are wearing something ‘nice’.

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