How do I know my baby loves me?

15 06 2008

Father’s Day this year was very similar to Mother’s Day. It started out with some breakfast and coffee, mulling around the house, and then a trip to Circuit City. What did I get?


Father’s Day for the stay at home dad is kind of like “end of year review” day for people with real jobs. I must have done a much better job this year than last year. Last year I got a keychain. It was a nice keychain and a very thoughtful gift and I really like it. It was handmade by one of Karen’s blogging friends. It holds my keys together wonderfully. It will most likely last longer than an Xbox. It’s not an XBox. This is way cool. But most multiplayer games take place online. That means this is a gift that says “Great job with the kids! Go spend some alone time.”

It also says “The house is too clean. Do this instead.”

Thank you Honey, I love you. See you in a few weeks.



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16 06 2008

helloooo! been having a laugh at your blog. my husband sean’s turn to cook here tomorrow, and alas, he is an excellent cook. whereas i frequently cook cheeze on toast. or leftovers soup. our three boys go “dad’s cooking? YAY!”

17 06 2008

We both must have gotten pretty good reviews this year. I’m enjoying my Sirius satellite radio boombox.

17 06 2008
mark - in my own defense

That’s awesome! Sirius gets all the NFL games. Put on the Steelers game and yours will be the busiest booth in every art show this fall.

17 06 2008
Daddy Forever

Sounds like you love video games. I don’t..because I suck at video games.

17 06 2008
mark - in my own defense

Sounds like you need a Wii!

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