The real reason cameras were invented

17 06 2008

Watching people fall down is pretty funny. Watching your kids fall down can be funny too, as long as nothing gets broken. So when Isaac got an invitation to a birthday party at the roller rink I made sure the batteries were charged and the memory card was empty. Big photo op since it’s been over a year since Isaac skated, and Jonathan has never skated before. I was sure Jonny wouldn’t do it, but once he saw me lacing up Isaac he demanded a pair of his own. He hesitantly stepped out onto the rink just in time for the hokey-pokey.

Standing still on skates is easy, right?

Isaac did really well this time around,

for a while.

Jonathan took my advice to cling to the walls for dear life.

He did venture out quite a bit, and had a ton of fun. Benjamin had fun too; someone bought him a new toy.

And when I got him out of his stroller he was laughing and giggling doubled-over. He had a blast.

It was a surprisingly enjoyable birthday party, which is quite an achievement. Usually I’m stabbing myself in the neck with plastic knives halfway through. A great time was had by all, and the kids fell asleep instantly at bedtime.

Isaac asked to go back the next day.



3 responses

19 06 2008

Even though they fell down, your boys’ skating skills are far superior to mine. I went skating with my husband’s middle school classes for an end-of-the-year party and my sole purpose was to make all the bad skaters feel better about themselves.

20 06 2008

Man, what a fun outing! I say that since I didn’t have to lace up some skates.

25 06 2008
Daddy Forever

We went to a roller rink birthday party too and my son spent a good deal of time on the floor. BTW, a real knife might work better.

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