This post was funnier when it was about a rabbit

22 06 2008

Our yard isn’t big enough for a real garden, so we have a container garden. A few plants in pots because we like growing our own vegetables and herbs. But we’ve got a problem. Something has been eating my basil.

yeah, that will look good on my pizza

Dinner is ruined before I even get a crack at it. How am I supposed to put this on my pizza? It would be great blog fodder. Think that’s bad, look at our habanero pepper plants.

that\'s a spicy meatball

Yes, they’re almost dead. Habanero leaves seem to be their favorite. What was it that was eating our plants? At first I thought it was a rabbit. For two years now a rabbit family has decided to have babies in our weeds bushes. This makes for a very cute yard, but it also makes for a very unhappy gardener. But what kind of rabbit would eat basil leaves and pepper tree leaves? A rabbit that likes Italian and Latin/Caribbean food? Is this a “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse” rabbit or a “Say hello to my little friend” rabbit? Either way, I’m leaving him the heck alone.

Our neighbor gave us a great idea. She gave us this spray that’s supposed to make the leaves taste bitter, then the rabbits won’t like them and will leave them alone. The first thing I sprayed? That’s right, the basil. Now THAT’S going to make a great blog post, isn’t it?

As luck would have it, Karen came home obscenely late from work one night and caught our rabbit red handed.

Yes, our rabbit is really a slug. Still doesn’t answer my question of whether it’s a Godfather slug or a Scarface slug.



2 responses

24 06 2008

I am very relieved to know this post was not about my children. Before the pictures loaded when I just read the title I was a bit nervous.

30 06 2008
Surfer Jay

Oh yeah that will work wonders, and I don’t suppose the bitter spray will make the basil taste bitter to you? Big rabbits. Pesky little critters aren’t they. I also have basil plants, a lot of them. After a couple weeks I found the buggers eating them. They were those short green caterpillars. Damn ate me out of house and home. Out of basil anyway. You would think that after a couple leaves they would want a little change in flavor…

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