Ben is getting big

9 07 2008

It’s funny. There have been a lot of people telling us that Ben is “growing like a weed.” It seems that we hear it at least twice a week. We smile and nod, but we had Jonathan. Jonathan was 27 pounds when at six months old. Ben is two years old and 16 pounds (give or take). Ben isn’t really growing like a weed, it’s more like a bonsai.

But every now and then we are struck by just how much he has grown. For example, Ben’s physical therapist first brought a gait trainer for him back in February. I thought it was way cool so I took some pictures.

Lately Ben has really liked getting in the gait trainer so we’ve been putting him in it more often. This past Sunday I took some more pictures.

It may be a little misleading because he is wearing sandals, but he is definitely growing.

He is getting longer (taller? When do you start saying “taller?”) this summer. Why is it that kids always grow the fastest in the summer? He’s too long (tall?) for his 9-month sleepers that I bought him in May. I’m having to go to the attic to find some 12-month sleepers for him. And I’m very glad to do it.

Ben was having such a good time in the gait trainer on Sunday that we kept him in it for a while, and I guess he got tired.

A very comfortable position, wouldn’t you agree? Yes I took him out of it after I snapped the picture.



6 responses

10 07 2008
Daddy Forever

Looks like Ben fell asleep in the last photo. I’ve discovered kid grow the fastest right after you buy them new clothes. That’s why I don’t them clothes anymore. They’ll be going to school nude next year.

10 07 2008

Oh, that picture is just so sweet! Poor baby – wore himself right out, didn’t he? I concur that he is getting bigger. I could hardly believe it when we were there last month.

10 07 2008

He is sooo adorable Mark. I am so happy to see him growing and doing new things all the time.

11 07 2008

What a cutie! We know that feeling too, Mark. With Ben’s disorder he’ll be smaller than his peers so we also hear the same comments about growth.

I lOVE that bonzai quip!

11 07 2008

That last picture looks like how I feel right now. He’s adorable!

23 07 2008
Misty (mason's mom)

little bonzai! love these pictures of Ben…just had to comment! love to read your blog as well and see what you’re ruining for dinner next LOL! 🙂


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