Six things you might not know about me

13 07 2008

Karen tagged me for a meme. Thanks hon.

See, here’s the deal. I tend to blather on endlessly talk a lot, and because of that there probably aren’t a whole lot of things that you don’t already know about me. I blogged about my colonoscopy, for crying out loud. I did come up with a list of things at the beginning, but that was more like a “Six things you don’t want to know about me” list. So I thought about it some more, watched a little more Sportscenter, and this is what I came up with:

1. I was the captain of my high school basketball team. I’m 5’6″. Tells you how many games we won, doesn’t it?

2. My first car was a station wagon. And it is, in fact, the perfect car for college students. I loved that car. When I totaled it the odometer read 99,470 (back when odometers returned to all zeros at 100,000). Oh yeah, that reminds me…

Ford hit here.

3. I totaled my first car two days before my wedding. How’s that for a bad omen? I was turning left, didn’t see the oncoming Ford LTD (doing 40mph) that hit me broadside and sent my car careening into a Cadillac stopped at a stop sign. That was one big insurance premium increase I can tell you.  

Cadillac hit here.

4. Ben made me a foodie. Cooking was always kind of fun, but not really something I thought about too much. When Ben was born feeding him was a long and complicated affair, and usually involved sitting in front of the TV for long stretches of time. That was the year we got DVR (Trinidad was in the World Cup). That was also the year we discovered the Food Network and Gordon Ramsay.

5.  I didn’t meet my father-in law until two years after the wedding. This one I’d highly recommend to all you single guys out there.  By the time we met he was past the “You’re not good enough for my daughter” phase.  Both her parents were, however, still in the “You’re too young to be married” phase.  They were probably right.  Driving around Trinidad and/or Tobago with Karen’s dad is awesome.  The man knows everything about its history, as well as all the points of interest (and the back roads to get there).

6.  I can’t stand Teletubbies or Boohbah. Certain children’s shows I can get through, but I honestly don’t understand how these ever got past the pilot episodes. The only time the kids have seen them has been with Karen.  There are enough shows out there geared for kids that I don’t have to endure this crap.  Karen tells me “Boohbah has bright colors and movement and silly noises and music.”  So I have them watch football instead.

Is that six?  Whoo boy, you made it.  Great job sitting through all that, take the rest of the day off.



9 responses

13 07 2008

Well, being a girl I’m nosy about the marriage stuff. How young were you both when you married? How is is that you didn’t meet until two years later? If that’s confidential, I understand. (But it will kill me not to know. Your choice.)

14 07 2008
mark - in my own defense

No, it’s not confidential. Karen grew up in Trinidad, and only one of her parents could come up for the wedding. So I got to meet my wonderful Mother-in-law but not my equally awesome Father-in-law.

Oh, and we were 21.

14 07 2008

You really should post pictures of what you looked like at the rehearsal dinner after surviving that car crash. (Oh yeah, and he pulled out in front of a pregnant lawyer. NICE.) You looked like “Revenge of the Mummy People in really bad fishing hats”.

And Karen still married you. Go figure.

14 07 2008
mark - in my own defense

Well, her mother and grandmother had flown all that way to see a wedding, she had to go through with it.

And as for those pictures of me, that’s why it’s MY blog and not YOUR blog.

14 07 2008

My first car was a station wagon too. It was great for college.

I also am with you with BooBah. I actually have learned to tolerate Tellitubbies ONLY because it is good to calm down a certain overactive boy before naptime. They ARE horrible shows though.

15 07 2008
Daddy Forever

I’ve never been fond of Teletubbies or Boohbah either. But I don’t mind Barney.

16 07 2008

Thank God I’m missing Boobah. If you’re listing Teletubbies with it then it must really suck. And I’m sure Mr. Rogers was genuinely kind man but I’m so glad he’s dead.

19 07 2008
Michele B

I have several comments to make…(a little late as usual)
1. Are you sure you didn’t transpose those numbers in your ages? Since you guys look about 21 now I think you must have been 12.
2. Dawn, isnt there anyway you can insert pictures into your comments? We would all love to see those pics.
3. The pre-wedding crash was NOT a bad omen. It was simply carma. So many blessings were coming your way (Karen, Isaac, Jonathan, Ben and As-yet-un-named-baby-boy-#4, and of course numerous wonderful friends who will remain nameless) that the universe needed to balance out. Thus a broad-side crash. Its not hard to figure these out…

2 08 2008

That poor car… And I’m sure your premiums were already up after having me behind the wheel! hehe (sorry again….)

BTW…you forgot to mention Barney.

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