Chicken revisited

15 07 2008

A dad in a hurry + a grill that’s too hot + too much chicken on the grill at one time = Mark Ruins Dinner.

Should I have known better?  Yeah, probably.  Here’s a picture of the chicken after it had been on the grill for 5 minutes:

Impressive, huh?  Karen knows that it’s bad news when I’m cooking dinner and all of a sudden I run upstairs to get my camera.  After I took the picture I moved the smaller pieces to the gas grill where the veggies were cooking.

You know, that Weber cookbook Karen got me last year has a reference at the beginning that tells you how many briquets are needed for low, medium, and high heat.  I should probably glance through that.



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16 07 2008

Ha! I love the pictures! I just had some friend over for some horrible BLT’s with soggy bacon and tasteless tomatoes. Total disaster. We are kindred spirits.

16 07 2008

You mean as opposed to simply pouring a bunch of briquettes into the grill until it’s full? Yes, you might want to do that.

Who knew that was how you controlled the heat? I love my gas grill.

16 07 2008

You wanted a new picture for your banner right? 🙂

16 07 2008

It was good chicken, though, if a little bit crunchy.

19 07 2008
Michele B

O.K. this does not give me confidence in having you guys over to coach and encourage me in grill usage (of course mine is gas). But since I am so grillaphobic (its past mid July and the cover has yet to come off grill once) any grilling results would be a step up. (Why am I grillaphobic ? – many reasons but in my one and only solo use last year I managed to melt off one of the grill control handles – it was ugly)

21 07 2008

Wonderful website!

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