Their first group activity

5 08 2008




11 responses

5 08 2008
Miss Behaving

What an awesome picture.

5 08 2008


5 08 2008

I don’t know that this actually counts as “writing” a post. LOVE the pic, though. They will be buds for sure.

5 08 2008
mark - in my own defense

I like how Nate looks like he’s a boxer guarding his head. Almost like he knows Jonathan is coming or something.

5 08 2008

O.M.G!!! That is the cutest picture I have EVER seen!!!!

5 08 2008
Misty (mason's mom)

i fortgot it was twosday tuesday!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture! can’t wait to see next week’s photo!

5 08 2008

Synchronized napping – that’s gold medal work, there.

5 08 2008

How absolutely cute!

6 08 2008
Daddy Forever

What an awesome photo! Some day they’ll be synchronized swimmers.

11 08 2008
Maureen (Hope's mom)

Too cute!

11 08 2008

Adorable picture!!

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