Why it took me over a year to paint the stairs

7 08 2008

I’m big on excuses.  I’ve got lots of excuses for why nothing gets done around the house.  But Karen has employed a brilliant strategy.  She’s been playing along with this whole “house hunting” idea, and because of this many of these projects have been completed.  

So, what’s my excuse been this time?  I hate heights.  Let me clarify.  I hate ladders.  My first summer job was with a roofing contractor, so as long as there is something solid under my feet I am fine.  But ladders bounce.  They move when you climb them.  I hate them.  And I could paint that whole stairwell with my paint roller on a stick, but there was only one way to paint that window.  And that was to put up a ladder over the stairs.  Note that I had to lean out over the stairs to get to part of the window.

Just so you know, that blue painters’ tape is very difficult to remove after a year.  But the window did get painted, and I put up the new blinds as well.

This is exactly how those blinds are going to look forever.  I’m too short to reach those strings, so they’ll never get opened or closed.



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8 08 2008

Congrats! By the fact that you are posting, I am presuming that you didn’t plummet to your death or otherwise off yourself? Good job. I love home improvement projects.

8 08 2008

Now that you’re done with your stairway….we have one too….no window….and you are the expert now. Just askin’.

9 08 2008

Lol. I must tell you that I too am a coward when it comes to heights…maybe not always on a ladder but that’s not the point when you are the source of your father’s cheap labor during the summer months back at home. Though, it is good that you finished the project, even if it did take a year, but you do know that you could have just painted over the tape, right? But then, of course, what would have been the point of the tape in the first place? Oh well, look on the bright side, at least you don’t have to do it again until you decide to move or want a change in color around the house. Oops, better not put that idea into anyones head for your sake.

9 08 2008

Ladders scare me, so I don’t fault you at all for putting this off. It looks very nice!

24 06 2011
roofers manchester

Reading this blog has made me feel SOOOO much better about my (undecorated for over a year) stairwell. Thanks for the inspiration. I will start it next week 🙂

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