Mark for President

13 08 2008

In the US Constitution it stipulates that to be President all you need is to be a natural born citizen and be 35 years old or older. Click here to learn all about the Presidency.   Being that today is my 35th birthday, I decided to celebrate by announcing my candidacy for President of the United States.  My campaign slogan will be “Because I’m old enough!”  As a VP running mate I choose my sister, since she’s much older more qualified than me.

Why should I run for President, you ask?  It came to me as I remembered civics class and the minimum age requirement.  I realized that in this and all future Presidential elections I must ask myself “Is this person more qualified than me?”  So I did some research about the two candidates we have to choose from I came to an important decision.  I’m running for President.  

Think about it.  This has got to be the easiest job interview in the world.  Even Wal-Mart asked me on its employment application what was the date of my last employment.  They offered me a lower wage because I hadn’t “worked” in six years.  But if you want to be President there are only three questions.  1. Were you born here?  2. Are you at least 35 years old?   3. Do you have enough signatures?   Hmmm…. I’ve got the first two.  What about the signatures?  Maybe if I do another giveaway…



12 responses

13 08 2008

Happy Birthday!

13 08 2008

Wow, how did you get so old? I am now officially the “younger” sister, since I’m still 29.

Happy Birthday Markie!

13 08 2008
13 08 2008
mark - in my own defense

She stole my idea. I’ll sue. I’ll be rich.

13 08 2008

Happy birthday, honey! I didn’t get you anything…wait! Is a 4th son a good enough present?

13 08 2008
mark - in my own defense

Of course, my love! I’ll be re-gifting him for your birthday.

13 08 2008

Happy Birthday Mark! Hope you got everything you wanted…..

13 08 2008

Happy Birthday Mark! I’ve researched the two candidates as well and come to a decision: if you run, I’ll vote for you!

13 08 2008

Happy Birthday Mark!

14 08 2008
Daddy Forever

I can’t even run. I wasn’t born here. You could be evil and still be President as long as you were born here.

14 08 2008

Happy Belated Birthday! And heck, that slogan is good enough reason for me to vote for ya!

16 08 2008

Happy Birthday! You’ve got my vote!

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