…because it was 68 degrees outside

17 08 2008

Being married to someone from the Caribbean is kinda cool.  No, it’s really cool.  I love Karen’s heritage and the culture of Trinidad.  And the food is pretty awesome too.  But here’s the thing.  In Trinidad they have a different definition of the word cold than we do here in the temperate zones.  Chilly in Trinidad is 70 degrees (21 Celsius).  Cold is anything below 70 degrees.  They wear jackets in Trinidad on chilly evenings.  Some even have electric blankets for when the nights drop below 70.  I, on the other hand, have trouble sleeping if the room is above 70 degrees.  So at home I turn the thermostat way up during the day and way down at night.  Karen has adapted to this for the most part, but the rest of her family isn’t so used to it.  During a visit in December I found her brother sleeping bundled up with a blanket and comforter as well as his winter coat and hat.

The good thing about Karen being pregnant during the summer is that she never complained about it being too cold in the house.  But she’s not pregnant any more, so it has returned.  And I thought she was finally adapting to the climate.  So when we had some unusual weather last week with rain, hail, and cooler temperatures, it took her (and us all) by surprise.  We took the kids to Borders one evening after it had finished raining, and Karen was shocked at how the temperature had dropped.  It was 68 degrees outside, and when Karen felt that cold Pennsylvania air she went and put on some long pants and long sleeves.  And since her motto is “If I’m cold then the baby must be cold,” she also found some warmer clothes for Nathaniel.

To be fair, he is less than a month old and this was one of our first outings with him.  But I thought it was pretty awesome to have him bundled up like that in August.



3 responses

17 08 2008

So cuuute!!! There I can see that he resembles Isaac.

18 08 2008
Daddy Forever

Sorry, we must have your heat. Over 100 last few days. This week, back to 70’s and 60’s. Just perfect for me, but not so for my wife.

18 08 2008

We had a few evenings like that last week at the beach. When you expect normal August temps in the 90s and get low 80s instead you start looking for a place that sells sweat shirts.

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