See? He’s not so bad.

19 08 2008

Ben’s even willing to share the swing with Nathaniel.  

For a minute or two.



10 responses

19 08 2008

Ben looks like he’s laying down the law: “look here, this kind of infringement on my personal space will not be tolerated!” Poor Nate doesn’t look entirely happy 🙂
cute photo though

19 08 2008

I don’t know Mark, Ben sure is looking hard at that spoon -like maybe he could use it to clobber poor Nate over the head! 😉

Cute photo!

19 08 2008
Misty (mason's mom)

lol! ok, yes…ben is concentrating way too hard on that spoon.. but it does look like progress! it is so fun to see their interactions (or lack there of) every week. i cannot wait to see how ben and nate get along in the next week!!

20 08 2008
Daddy Forever

That’s a minute longer than my kids. Cute picture.

21 08 2008

you got four minutes like that and did not have to administer benedryl?


21 08 2008

how many people will read this comment and will get their nickers wound up in knots??

21 08 2008
mark - in my own defense

Not too many. This blog isn’t controversial enough to attract a lot of readers.

22 08 2008

Benedryl???? You cretin!

(There ya go, Dennis.)

23 08 2008

Benadryl? does it really work that well?

23 08 2008
mark - in my own defense


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