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25 08 2008

This is the new double stroller given to us at Karen’s baby shower.  Note that Ben’s feet are on Nathaniel’s foot rest, making him rock.



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26 08 2008
Daddy Forever

That stroller is perfect for my kids. It’ll make it easier for them to kick each other.

26 08 2008

What a helpful big brother Ben is! Hope you all are well.

26 08 2008

How cool! It’s much better than the wide-angle double kid type of stroller.

29 08 2008

That’s cool, and agreed with bennie…though, i must say that you blog is more like a plog instead…just saying is all…and the kids look cute!

13 09 2008

Way cool.
Lots of amazing things out there now that make me wish I had a newborn all over again (and it’s only been a couple of years!) This would have settled the kiddos right down being able to interact with eachother.

They look content!

14 01 2009

Where did you get this stroller/what brand is it?? It looks great and I’m trying to find one for my kiddos.

15 01 2009
mark - in my own defense

It’s a Kolcraft tandem stroller and we like it a lot. It is kind of heavy and when you push it you feel like you’re driving a bus. But lots of stuff fits underneath. Here’s the product link:


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