For Christmas buy me Nintendo stock.

31 08 2008

I’ve wanted to do a video game review for ages.  We like video games in our house.  Even Karen likes some games that aren’t marketed towards women.  She likes the Legend of Zelda games and she’s pretty excited about starting Oblivion.  Way cool, I say.  

There are very few games I purchase without reading a review first.  Trust me, it’s worth waiting a week after the game comes out to read a hands-on review of the game.  But sometimes it’s okay to break this rule.  For instance, you’re usually safe buying any of the Nintendo franchises because they’re all great games.  That’s why they’ve become so popular.  The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Super Mario Galaxy are two examples for the Wii alone.  But we recently realized that Nintendo is no longer trustworthy.  

I’ve been wary of Pokemon since the boys got interested in it this spring.  The whole thing sounded like a big money pit to me.  And I wasn’t disappointed.  There are Pokemon cards, action figures, video games, books, tv shows, movies, and now we own them all.  Released in 2007 are the video games Pokemon: Diamond, and Pokemon: Pearl for the DS and Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Wii.   We should have known better.

The Nintendo Wii communicates to the handheld DS via WiFi.  In Pokemon Battle Revolution you can battle your friends or family on the Wii with the little Pokemon dudes you’ve been collecting in your Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl games for the DS.  But here’s the catch.  That’s all this game does.  Battle with little fighters you’ve already got.  There’s no adventure, no story, nothing to unlock or collect.  You just battle.  But you can already do that with the DS games, so why do you need to spend another 50 bucks just so you can see the battle on your TV?  

We actually bought the Wii game before we had any of the DS games, so we were more than a little disappointed we couldn’t play it out of the box.  So, take 50 bucks for a Wii game and add 35 bucks each for two DS games and you’ve got a $120 investment in Pokemon.  You wanna know why I let them play so many video games this summer?  When you spend that much on video games you feel an obligation to use it or you’ve wasted all that money.

END NOTE:  I complain mercilessly about how dull and uninteresting Pokemon is.  But it has (for the moment) replaced Zelda as the video game that the kids play with Karen.  As parents we often look for things to do with our kids that everyone will enjoy, and right now Karen has found that thing.  It’s that thing they wake up talking about and go to bed dreaming about.  They will always remember this as the summer they played Pokemon with Mom.  And if that makes her the coolest mom in the whole second grade, good for her.



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31 08 2008

I totally sympathise. My boys have around £500s-worth of pokemon stuff including the DSs coz that’s the only reason they got them. (Thats POUNDS GB = $1000 ish).
I keep telling them about how I look forward to the days they’re fed up with it and I can sell it all on Ebay

31 08 2008

Yup, the price of gaming has become ridiculous…though, I must say that I can’t get enough of the gaming world and pay those ridiculous prices..

31 08 2008

I know nothing about video games. In fact, I have been thinking of getting our older boy some kind of gameboy (are they still called that?) to play while we are at doctor’s appointments (he gets so bored once we get out of the waiting room and into the appointment), but I have no idea which one to get, or if it is even appropriate for a preschooler to have such a thing. I certainly can’t get him a new one ($$$), and don’t know which ones have age-appropriate games or anything.

Do you have any advice?

1 09 2008

She is going to love Oblivion! The Elder Scrolls games are by far some of my most favorite games of all time!

1 09 2008
mark - in my own defense

Advice? Yes, I have plenty. He’s a preschooler? Awesome. Don’t buy ANYTHING new. Go on Ebay and get him a GameBoy Advance SP (It might still be a little pricey, but it’s got a brighter screen than the other ones). As far as games go, I can tell you our boys liked the Legend of Zelda games at that age. And you can play any GameBoy games on the GameBoy Advance. Isaac liked exploring the world swinging his sword. Also good are Crash Bandicoot and Power Rangers.

5 09 2008

Thanks! I’ll start looking on ebay or craigslist.

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