Round 1: Feeling each other out

2 09 2008

Nathaniel likes to be held.  All the time.  But one day last week we set him down beside Ben for a while so they could get to know each other.  Nate was very taken with Ben, and was doing all sorts of messing with him.  Ben is used to being messed with (he’s got big brothers you know), so he took it in stride, all the while bopping Nate on the head with his forearm.



3 responses

2 09 2008

How adorable!!! I think it’s going to be a great thing to have those two growing up together.

3 09 2008
Daddy Forever

Cute photo. Someday, Nate will be bopping back. At least that’s how it is over at our house.

6 09 2008
Michele B

Hmmm…I think for a while at least Nate could possibly become Ben’s favorite “activity toy” until, as mentioned previously, this toy starts bopping him back. They will figure each other out in time however, and I am sure form the perfect “tag team” (or so it will seem to mom and dad) to make life “never a dull moment”. Smile.

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