See? They’re still alive.

16 09 2008

Monday was Karen’s first day back at work, and my first day home with the (rug) rat pack.  When she came home she announced with relief “You didn’t choke the older two and you didn’t starve the younger two!”

That’s my girl.  Always feeding my ego.  

Photo credit: Jonathan.



13 responses

16 09 2008

Poor Nabandaid does not look so thrilled with this idea. I’m sure he had a lovely day, though.

16 09 2008
mark - in my own defense

I didn’t say they were happy, I said they’re alive.

16 09 2008

Ha ha they are so adorable! Great post!

16 09 2008

Funny, they both have their outer arm raised as if to say “DAD…get your hand off my head for crying out loud….”

Great Photo, Jonny.

16 09 2008
Misty (mason's mom)


16 09 2008

Hey Mark good to see that you are still smiling…..I am very encouraged.

16 09 2008
mark - in my own defense

And you were supposed to call me on that first day.

16 09 2008

Well done! Any day the kids and parent make it through without any major catastrophes has to be counted as a win!

16 09 2008
Daddy Forever

Congrats. Keep it up for the whole week and I’ll give you a gold star.

17 09 2008

Mark, I was afraid to call……..but I see my fears were

17 09 2008

You’re last two posts are hilarious. I forgot about your blog so now I’ll be checking it daily, too. I am very impressed that you were still alive after the first day!

17 09 2008

Way to keep in check, Karen! My wife does that to me all the time as in, “Glad the house is still standing because it looks like a hurricane hit inside.”

5 10 2008
Michele B

I’m impressed with the photographer…following in daddy’s footsteps maybe? “Mark and (one of his) Sons” someday??

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