Special guest and a quiz

23 09 2008

In this week’s episode of Twosday Tuesday, little boy #2 makes a special guest appearance.

Now for the quiz:  What did Jonathan have to drink for lunch on Monday?

(A) Beer
(B) Chocolate Milk
(C) Red Bull

Not sure how you answered my question, but the answer to your question is yes, he stayed in that shirt all afternoon, even though he’s got a change of clothes at school.



6 responses

23 09 2008
sharon millar

Hi Mark,
I just did a whole long post and then it vanished. So if you get two from me, I am not mad, I promise.
Anyway I didn’t put my vote in – chocolate milk….I’d say as an educated guess (having seen it many times)
I also put up two blogs you and the boys might like;
http://chasandsam.blogspot.com/ – a blog by two Trini brothers that is moderated by their Mum who has her own amazing blog – http://thingsivefoundinpockets.blogspot.com/
They live in Central Trinidad and the blogs are full of things that little boys love like snakes, tarantulas, saved baby manicous and other such common fare…..
Anyway congrats again…
Glad to be back on,

23 09 2008

Now why does this remind me of uncle Lawrence?

23 09 2008

Did they not give him an option to change? Ugh!

23 09 2008

See, this is how I know that Johnny and Ian really are related by blood, although you can’t tell by looking at them. My guess is he was told he could change, was encouraged to change, and heck it was dry by then, plus it smelled so good, why bother?

Caption should read: “Oh, crap. My dad is going to put this on his blog now. There goes prom night.”

23 09 2008
Sandi @ Life with Jessica

Hmmm, this is a tough one! But I’m going to say “B” Chocolate milk.

Great pic of Jonny! Love his expression 🙂

5 10 2008
Michele B

Yeah I don’t think they change them unless it smells bad…brown from another source might go but not chocolate milk.

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