It was an educational trip

27 10 2008

Last year in October I took Isaac to see the Steelers pound on play the Seattle Seahawks, and we had a great time.  We didn’t, however, watch a lot of football.  It was 95 degrees out there and we didn’t spend a lot of time in our seats.  This time around the weather was much more favorable and the teams much more evenly matched.  Plus, Isaac is a year older now, and more educated in the ways of the Burgh.

Just like last year we parked across the river and took the boat over.  It saves a lot of walking and I’m a big believer in it.  Isaac asked to get his face painted again.

We got to our seats before the opening kickoff (Shocking, isn’t it?), and Isaac performed well.  He sang along with the Steelers cheer when the music played (“Here we go Steelers, Here we go!” Clap Clap), and he even stood up and waved his Terrible Towel when everybody else did, even though he couldn’t see what was happening because everybody was standing up.  He did ask in the fourth quarter “Daddy, why are we yelling so the other team can’t hear?”  When he asks it like THAT it does sound a bit unsportsmanlike, but then life isn’t really fair, is it?

I made Isaac sit through  We sat in our seats through the first quarter.  I could tell Isaac was bored with sitting still that long so we went for a walk to – where else – the gift shop.  We also went through the Great Hall again and while we were there he found the one place in the stadium where a boy of eight can play video games.

Midway through the third quarter Isaac said “Let’s go back to our seats.” so we did.  And we got to watch the terror that was the fourth quarter.  

That was when things got interesting.  In the stands, that is.  When the Steelers snapped that punt through the back of the end zone for a safety, one Giants fan in a hard hat got into a War of Words with about 200 people in our section.  There were all sorts of words. “F” words, “S” words, “A” words, “M-F” words, “G-D” words, “D” and “H” words to name a few.  It was quite the vocabulary lesson for Isaac.  And when the Giants scored that touchdown I learned a lesson.  When it’s time for somebody to leave, security will most likely remove the fan supporting the visiting team.

As we were walking back to our car I thanked Isaac for coming with me.  My favorite thing in the world is doing cool things with my kids.  I’m sure that had I watched this game at home on TV I’d have been all angry about it, but not on this day.  Isaac was there with me, so the score didn’t matter.  The Steelers lost but I won.



8 responses

28 10 2008

Aw, you last line is the sweetest ever. I’m glad you guys had a great day together!

28 10 2008
Miss Behaving

I don’t even know what sport you are talking about, never mind what team, but it was an excellent post, a lovely read and a great account of a day well spent with your son.

28 10 2008

A perfect day!

28 10 2008

What a big adventure! I hope he doesn’t repeat the vocabulary lesson at school.

My husband would have loved to be there too, although he would be rooting for the other team.

Sounds like a great outing overall…

28 10 2008

Yay! More words to look at. I’m just messing with you.

Very nice day indeed! I don’t exactly like the Steelers but it’s better than the Giants. Keep on keepin’ on and God Bless…

Lol… A, S, MF, GD and H words…lol

28 10 2008
Daddy Forever

That’s great. If I took my kids to a Beaver or Blazers game, they’ll just want to go home after 15 minutes. They might be interested if the players could fly or shoot laser beams from their eyes.

29 10 2008
Michele B

These are the memories we tuck away and pull out anytime we need a lift, a smile or a reminder of what really matters in life…may you be blest with many more…

1 11 2008

I am a bit naive for my 29 years, I have no idea what the “GD” and “H” words might be… I have lived a sheltered life 🙂

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