“You can’t mess it up” isn’t a challenge.

31 10 2008

It’s been a while since I really messed up something in the kitchen.  I was getting overconfident I suppose, so when I saw this recipe for zeppole I knew I could do it.  

Zeppole are little Italian donuts that look like donut holes, and they looked great.  What’s better, they looked easy.  Giada made the batter – start to finish – in front of the camera so I knew I could do it.  She actually said “It’s one of the simplest doughs to make and you can’t really mess it up.”  Yeah, they said the Titanic was unsinkable too.

Most of the comments online talked about how easy it was to make.  You add some stuff to the pot, bring it to a boil, add flour, and stir.  Except mine never really firmed up.  It thickened a little, but that’s it.  I added some more flour, but that didn’t work either.  When I took it off the heat and added the eggs it looked like pancake batter.

This is not really something you can drop into oil with an ice cream scoop.  In the end we decided to try making them funnel-cake style.  They had some very interesting shapes.

I wouldn’t say they were good.  But if you add a cinnamon and sugar topping to just about anything it will taste good.  I suppose there’s a very important fundamental concept that I’m missing, so I’m going to try these again.  I’m sure that post will be just as entertaining.



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31 10 2008

I saw Giada made some different doughnuts using pizza dough. You could buy the pizza dough but I made it in our breadmaker. She put these in cinnamon sugar too.

I thought they were good but WAY too much work!

Good luck with your second try!

1 11 2008

It could’ve turned out worse if you really think about it…though, let’s not say that and jinx you.

1 11 2008

There’s no way that’s the right amount of flour. It looks like a recipe for paper mache. She’s crazy, that giant-headed beauty.

2 11 2008
Michele B

If you hadn’t told me what those were I would have thought they were soft shell crabs….of course that could also be because we turned the time back last night and I am pretty fuzzy past my usual 9pm bedtime…

3 11 2008

They still look yummy though. But that might just be because I am absolutely starving at the moment. ha ha

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