Game on

18 11 2008

This is a special guest edition of Twosday Tuesday.  Today Karen documents in a series of images the first official turf war between Benjamin and Nathaniel.  I am assuming it is the first of many struggles in the never ending battle to lay claim to baby toys.  It started innocently enough, with the two of them on the blanket.  We were going to give them each an Oball (that is what they are called), and take some cute baby pictures.

see, we're getting along now

Ben had other things in mind.  As soon as he saw the ball given to Nate he dropped his and positioned himself for a takeover.

hey kid, wanna buy a watch?

For those of you who were wondering if Ben is mobile, this counts as indisputable visual evidence.

why should I be worried?

Funny, Nate doesn’t even look worried yet.

Hey, whatcha doin'?

OK, now he looks a little worried.

O. Hai.  Diz ball iz minez.

I actually heard the words “It will be mine.  Oh yes, it will be mine.”

I can has Oball?

At this point Nate is asking me “You just sat there and let him do that?  Nice.  Yeah, you go put those on your blog.  Good idea.”  At this point we gave Nate the discarded Oball to play with, and he was very happy to have it thank you.

I haz an Oball.



8 responses

19 11 2008
Daddy Forever

It’s a good thing you didn’t give them lightsabers. I’m still waiting for the photo of Ben sitting on Nathaniel.

19 11 2008

Lol, nice job on commentating. You could take on the name of The Understandable John Madden…

20 11 2008

Oh, the thievery of older brothers. Mine stole my stuff all the time. Someday they’ll pay…..someday…..

20 11 2008

OMG how funny! As usual, the most humorous part of the blog is the photo names. Can’t wait to see you guys!!!!!

20 11 2008

Funny… I never actually kept my mouse over the pictures to see the photo names until I read the previous post….HILARIOUS!!!!

They are sooooo cute!!

21 11 2008

Can’t wait to see this in person Mark!

6 01 2009
Michele B

OK ridiculously late to comment and only documents how long I have been out of the loop but I had to ask – did Ben follow up that line you heard with “my precioussssss”?

7 01 2009
mark - in my own defense

No, I’m sorry Michele. He wasn’t quoting the Lord of the Rings, he was quoting Wayne’s World. Yes I’m a geek.

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