He’s plotting my demise

25 11 2008

Little boys prefer their mommies.  It’s one of those laws of nature.  It’s why, back when we had one child, I pined for a little girl.  I’m over that now.  Now I’m perfectly willing to say “Honey, the baby wants you” or “Go ask Mommy.”  You get the idea.  Mommy’s home, daddy takes the evening off.

Oh.  Hi!  Of course I'm glad to see you!

But a new wrinkle has developed in this little drama.  It’s this.  Since our babies nurse they sleep in bed with us.  (Any comments debating the pros and cons of this practice will be deleted.  You are not allowed to argue on my blog.)  All is well up until this point, or should I say this child.  Nathaniel has decided he doesn’t like me.  If he’s sleeping peacefully alone in our bed and I get in too he wakes up.  It doesn’t matter how quietly or gently I lie down.  First he stirs a little, then he starts fussing.  But Karen shows up and all is right with the world.  It doesn’t matter what time of day this is.  Early morning, late at night, whatever.  Last night Karen was updating her blog and I had to call her in just so I could go to sleep.

If you’re having difficulty following me, let me summarize.  I have been banished from my own bed by a four-month-old.

The funny thing is this.  Karen will come home from work and pick up Nate.  But he’s still staring at me.  This has been giving Karen a complex of sorts, and she’s terrified that Nate is favoring me over her.  The truth is this.  He’s sitting on her lap staring at me thinking (in Stewie’s voice) “She’s mine!  You hear?!  I’ll soon be rid of you!”

Is he still there?  He's ALWAYS there!

I’m going to be watching this one very closely….

Happy Thanksgiving!



9 responses

25 11 2008
Mom, grandma

Mark, with that look on his face, I’ll have to agree with you…..watch out.

25 11 2008
Heidi @ GGIP

What a cutie pie! I’m not arguing when I say that my older son clearly prefers his father. I hypothesize it’s because he gets bored with me and that daddy plays “tackle” with him.

25 11 2008

Oh, poor Uncle Mark! MY kids prefer you, does that count?

25 11 2008
Aunt Dianne

He is such a doll baby with those big eyes. 3 to 1 isn’t bad odds Mark. It will only last a short time so take heart.

25 11 2008

he has to make his mark somehow with all those older brothers 😀
lovely photos – he’s so cute

25 11 2008

Hehehe! So funny…now every time I see a pic of Nathaniel that “Stewie” voice is going to be stuck in my head 😉 He’s probably still miffed because you didn’t name him Gryll Marx!

25 11 2008

Oh that is hilarious…the plot is even more funny to think of in your head…”First, act cute and get their attention. Then, when nobody is looking, I strike.”

Just wait until he’s older…

26 11 2008

That picture really made this post! And things wouldn’t be different with a little girl. They only turn into “daddy’s girl” when the wallet comes out or when you pass the shoe store.

5 12 2008
Daddy Forever

It’s the opposite here, my son favors me and the girls want mommy.

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