Woah! Look at that!

9 12 2008

It’s very interesting to see just what grabs the attention of babies and small children.  And if you can hold the attention of more than one at a time (and if you’ve got the assistance of an older brother to make sure Ben doesn’t roll away), well then you’ve got yourself a photo op.  

yeah, yeah!  Um, where is it again?

And no, I have no idea what they’re looking at, even though I was that close to them.  But Ben rolled away, and then there was one..

no i don't know where ben went

One little baby lying on his tummy, started to cry and I gave him to Mummy! (To the tune of Five Purple Conkers)

put down that camera and pick me up already!



7 responses

9 12 2008
Heidi @ GGIP

this is the first blog I’ve seen where it is snowing.

What a fantastic photo of the two boys together! That is wonderful! Shipping is free for a couple days at Snapfish if you want to get prints of that.

9 12 2008

Great pictures! Love the one of the two of them together! Our kids never look at the camera at the same time either so you got a wonderful shot. Ben and Nate are so cute! Love the snow!

11 12 2008

Adorable! I noticed your snow a while back, too – it’s very cool!

12 12 2008

That picture of Nate reminds me of Ian’s 1st Birthday portraits. Keep it to show his prom date. 🙂

12 12 2008
Aunt Dianne

The boys are so cute and adorable. Glad to hear “Cockroach” is still running. You see getting old is just a well seasoned time of life even for a car. Enjoy seeing the boys grow. Merry Christmas to all of you!

18 12 2008
Daddy Forever

Great photos, but you should stop making Nate cry.

Hey, it’s snowing on your blog.

19 12 2008

adorable pictures!!!

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