Resolutions revisited

29 12 2008

Part of the problem of having a blog is that you can’t ignore your new year resolutions.  There, they are, on Google’s cache for the rest of time, mocking me.  At the beginning of 2008 I made a list of things I would do this year.  Here’s the post.  I had four things on my list.  Let’s see how I did.

Replace the toilet paper holder?  Success!

That engineering degree is coming in really useful

Finish painting the stairway?  Success!

I used a really long stick to paint this

Do a better job with the dishes? Meh.

If you want them clean, come clean them.

Water the plants? FAIL!

Let's see... that used to be jalepeno plants


and that one used to be an African violet


started out as a tree; now more like a stick

Next year I’ll take better care of the yard.



3 responses

30 12 2008

Good luck with that yard thing. You actually did a pretty good job with your resolutions, percentage-wise. 2 1/2 out of 4? I’d call that a success!

30 12 2008
Miss Behaving

I am afraid to even visit last year’s list, too many failures I think.
You did okay though.

2 01 2009
Heidi @ GGIP

Happy New Year!

If I was going to choose out of the list, I think fixing the TP holder would be the most important. I am terrible with houseplants, so I just don’t have any.

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