Making the new year happy

4 01 2009

“This is the worst Christmas vacation ever!”  said Isaac on Friday evening before bed.  And he was right.  Starting Christmas day, somebody in the family was sick every day, and for a few days it was three out of the four children.  And when that happens nothing gets done.  The dishes don’t get washed, the floor doesn’t get mopped, the boxes don’t get recycled, and the blog doesn’t get updated.  But here, on the eve of their return to school, Daddy made up for all that by making a grand dessert.  

No, we didn't save any for you.  Sorry.

Karen started things off with the perfect dinner, as usual.  Then I got to make the dessert from a cookbook received as a present from my now-favorite sister in law.  It’s by George Duran, the “Ham on the Street” guy, and he calls it Chocolate Soup.  I can see already that I’ll get a lot of use out of this one.  When describing this dish George says “I love soup.  I love chocolate.”  And yeah, it was good.

But really, is it possible to mess up a recipe with this many ingredients?  

Don't make fun of my brittle vanilla bean

Probably, but this was good.  It wasn’t silky smooth or divine or anything, but it got rave reviews around the table.  It was like eating really good hot chocolate with a spoon from a bowl.  You know, like fancy people do.  So thanks to Aliyah, I promise we’ll make this the next time you visit.



5 responses

5 01 2009

ohhhh, chocolate soup…there’s a place by that name in Edinburgh. So delicious. Hot chocolate but thicker, and therefore chocolatier. Mmm.

Hope the family is now fully recovered from the flus!

5 01 2009
Heidi @ GGIP

I’m sorry you had so much sickness over the holiday. We actually had several illnesses as well. I guess all’s well that ends well.

What a fun new cookbook!

7 01 2009

It’s not Christmas at my house unless someone gets sick. I was fortunate to have a 24-hour bug, so it wasn’t that bad.

I’m glad everyone is well now. Happy New Years!

12 01 2009

Mmmmmm…. What’s the liquid in the shot glass?

13 01 2009
mark - in my own defense

Water. Sorry.

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