My superpower

13 01 2009

Hi.  My name is Mark and here’s my superpower.  I can watch the Steelers in the playoffs and still keep quiet enough that two babies can fall asleep on my lap.  Ben hasn’t been feeling well and required a lap to sit on all day on Sunday.  And Nate was, well, he was being Nate.  

he can still wave the terrible towel while sleeping

So I had two babies on my lap while Karen made dinner and helped Jonathan glue candy fish to a cutout of a snowman for kindergarten.  Ask her about that one, I have no clue.

Some good did come out of it.  Nathaniel got his first lesson in waving a Terrible Towel.



7 responses

13 01 2009

I have no idea how you didn’t drop both of them on the floor when Santonio ran the punt return back for a TD. However you did it, do it again this weekend, as we really REALLY need to beat Baltimore, and they hate us more than San Diego did. Does Nate need Auntie Dawn to send him some Steelers garb?

13 01 2009

OK, that really is a superpower. The boys look adorable.

14 01 2009

They are so cute!!! and that could never happen in my house while the Vikings are playing.

15 01 2009

You’ll need a bigger lap soon!

15 01 2009
Miss Behaving

The pix you put on here are just priceless! Love it!

16 01 2009

That is so sweet 🙂

21 01 2009
Michele B

Sooooooo that’s what we need to do at the Super Bowl party to limit your insanity – just hand you cute, needy babies to hold (there should be two more in the crowd we can use, so plenty of material to work with here). Nah never mind the entertainment value alone of having Mark-the-Steelers-fan(atic) at our party is worth it.

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