Wookiee Cookies

24 01 2009

For his birthday last year Isaac received Wookiee Cookies: The Star Wars Cookbook.  It was apparently written by someone who, like me, is both a foodie and a Star Wars geek.  It’s complete with pictures of Star Wars action figures posing with each dish.  I thought this was an awesome birthday present.  Oh wait, it was for Isaac, wasn’t it?

They're called that because they're chewy.

I decided to make the title recipe from the cookbook and Jonathan wanted to help.  The Wookiee Cookies are basically chocolate chip cookies with cinnamon added.  Perhaps Wookiees like cinnamon, I don’t know.  I never could understand Chewbacca.  But the cookies turned out well and they were enjoyed by all.  In fact, they were made so late in the evening that I thought they’d go well with a relaxing cup of decaf.  

I cleaned the table just for this picture

They did.  But, like most things, I got impatient toward the end and the cookies got bigger and got squished together in the oven.

maybe I should just eat these now

Oh well.  I took a page from the cookbook and got out our LEGO Star Wars dudes for a quick photo shoot.

Han shot first you know

your cookies are weak old man

The cookies make for very realistic looking terrain, don’t you think?



5 responses

24 01 2009
Heidi @ GGIP

That sounds like a really great cookbook for boys. I’m so glad they are making cooking products for boys nowadays.

24 01 2009

I love the photos!! I think you should put Star Wars figures by all your food shots. 🙂

26 01 2009

Oh my gosh, Mark, you are just an overgrown child, aren’t you? They look good, though. Remember all those cookies I sent you in college? I think you should return the favor and send me some……

27 01 2009

Choc-cinn cookies?

Sounds interesting. However, I am a purist and even though they are Wookie reccomended, I prob will still stay with adding extra choc only to the cookies!

29 01 2009

I had my doubts about the chocolate-chip/cinnamon combination too, but they actually were very good!

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