Table for six, please

27 01 2009

This past Saturday was the first time we actually asked for a table for six at a restaurant.  Nathaniel is just now learning how to sit up, and Ben is just now staying seated without trying to climb out.  Apparently an unexpected benefit of us spending all that time with Ben at the high chair at home is that he likes sitting at a table and playing with toys now.  So we sat them together and ate our lunch.

ben thought it was the wine list, nate thought it was onion rings

And Ben looks awesome in his new glasses.



5 responses

27 01 2009

Oh my gosh they look so adorable together. And you are right, Ben looks great in this glasses. He also looks like he can actually see what he’s looking at – bonus!

28 01 2009

Oh my word, he looks GREAT in them! 🙂 Just adorable…Quite intent on that book too, I might add…Hehe.

28 01 2009

Does he want to mess around with them at all or does he leave them alone?

28 01 2009

Ben does look adorable in the glasses…and like how he is perusing his “wine list”!!!

29 01 2009
mark - in my own defense

Shelly: He leaves them alone for the most part, but there are times where he’ll dislodge them. But since they’re a very snug fit and it’s kind of unpleasant when that happens I don’t think he’ll do that too much.

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