I’m Now Accepting Bids

2 02 2009

It wasn’t the refs, it wasn’t the crowd, it wasn’t the weather.  The difference in the game was my cooking and you know it.  Two years in a row now I’ve picked the Super Bowl winner correctly based solely on my cooking.  If any team would like my services I would be happy to start the bidding at two tickets to the game.

Ben was riveted by the game the whole time, honest.

And one other thing.  I can officially say that the most effective Super Bowl ad was the one for the Hyundai Genesis.  With all those people yelling “Hyundai!!!” a two-year-old in the room started yelling it too.



7 responses

2 02 2009

Go Steelers!!! Great photo of the boys 🙂

2 02 2009

What a handsome group! A couple of years, and they can fill in for our still challenged o-line.

3 02 2009
Daddy Forever

I think it was because I was rooting for the other team (I tend to favor the underdogs). A few years back, I rooted for Seattle. Do you see the pattern?

Come over and win some flowers for your wife.

3 02 2009

Cute, cute, cute picture of the boys!

3 02 2009

What a cute picture of your beautiful boys!!!

5 02 2009

My friend Harold, a rabid Steelers fan, thanks you.

2 03 2009
Michele B

Thank God store-bought beverages offered on the side don’t seem to have any effect….Arizona Ice Tea….what was I thinking???

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