For my sister, whom I may have offended

17 02 2009

While I moved away from western PA after college, my sister moved BACK to western PA.  This has proven over the years to be beneficial for many reasons.  One of these is that occasionally she sends us items that are of a Black and Gold nature.  A delivery of that sort arrived less than a week after the Super Bowl.  T-shirts for everyone in the family (provided that I’m the same size as my 8-year-old) and that was way cool.  She asked me on the phone if they were going to feature in one of my now-famous Tuesday Twosday posts, and my reaction was something like “Oh, not this week.  It will be at least next week, if at all.”

Hmmm.  That may have been a little rude.  In my defense, two of my children and one of my wives were sick that weekend so I was a little preoccupied while on the phone.  

So this past weekend I decked out the little ones in their new shirts and Isaac helped me with the photo shoot.  It was fun, even if nobody smiled.

Look!  Daddy's doing something silly behind the camera!

Later I gave them a toy to fight over.  

back off buddy, don't make me use this

Taking these pictures is going to be very fun for a few months.



7 responses

17 02 2009

What do you mean “one of” your wives????

17 02 2009

I was too afraid to be the first to ask. But now that you mentioned it perhaps I can ask how many more are there? One, two, three or four? You didn’t tell me that I would have no place to stay when I visit…hehe

17 02 2009

Hey, you married him. I had no choice but to be related. 🙂

The babies look so cute in their championship t-shirts – I’m glad at least I got the kids’ sizes right. Yours is coming, I just have to get back there.

How many days until training camp?

17 02 2009

OK, Mark, the caption on the bottom picture is hilarious!

17 02 2009
mark - in my own defense

I thought it fitting. And as for the other statement, it was completely inspired by Karen. She was watching a show on TLC about a plural marriage, so I thought she was cool with it.

18 02 2009

Hahahaha… a good morning laugh. Your blog is as entertaining as always. Adorable pictures of the two little ones!!

23 02 2009
Daddy Forever

Those photos are so cute, but I think the kids might look better in orange and black. Go Beavers!

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