Perhaps a little humility…

8 03 2009

It’s a very bad thing to upset karma.  Sometimes karma waits and pays you back after you think you’ve gotten away with something.  And sometimes you run out of the church after stealing from the collection plate and get hit by a bus.  I’m not sure how I got on the wrong side of karma. Maybe it was me claiming the ability to affect the outcome of Super Bowls (even if I was right).  I’m not sure.  But to whomever I offended, I’m sorry.  

“What is he going on and on about?”  Let me tell you.  Pull up a chair and enjoy the show.

The Death of the Cockroach

Karen’s car, the cockroach, the 14 year old Olds Cutlass, had been overheating.  I made an appointment with the mechanic and we took it in to be checked out last Wednesday.  I got a call midday telling me the repairs would cost $650.  This exceeds the value of the car, so we made a tough decision to say goodbye to the old girl.  I started shopping online for a car for Karen.  In the meantime Karen drove the van to work.

The next day – Thursday – I got a call from Karen after work.  “The van won’t go.  It goes – kind of – forward, but it won’t reverse at all.”  Yes, that’s right, after 150,000 miles of abuse the transmission in the van failed the day after we decide to replace the Olds.  So Karen bums a ride from somebody at work to the mechanic’s to drive the overheating Olds home.  I told her to get a ride to work the next day.  She drives the Olds to work anyway.

The next day  – Friday – I get a call from Karen on her way home.  “I’m on the interstate and the car is really overheating.  I can’t make it home.”  She drives back to work (stopping often to let it cool down) and leaves the car there while I find an angel of a friend to go pick her up and bring her home because – remember – I DON’T HAVE A CAR EITHER!!!!!!  No, I’m stranded at home with four kids while my wife maneuvers the interstate in a car that is minutes away from exploding into flames.

Saturday I get out of bed and I’m ready to go car shopping.  Except one thing.  You kind of need a car to go car shopping.  I call around and get my next door neighbor to drive me to pick up a rental car for a week.  I go car shopping.  I find a van.  I buy the van.  Everyone at the dealer enjoys my story.  But it’s an hour away from home and I’m in a mid-sized rental car that seats four.  Luckily the dealer offers free delivery so they promise to bring it to my house Monday morning.

Cars are evil.



10 responses

8 03 2009

Man, this is all shades of wrong. I’m praying for some good to come to your car situation!

8 03 2009

I’m thinking that this was what got you on Karma’s bad side…

I don’t know how…but ehh.

8 03 2009
Heidi @ GGIP

So do you need two new vehicles, or will just the one be good enough?

8 03 2009
mark - in my own defense

Only one “new” car at a time. The green van (henceforth called Dad’s Car) will be getting a new transmission this week.

8 03 2009

The green van has always been “Dad’s Car”!

9 03 2009

Ammmm…..a new transmission? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy a new van? But wait, you did buy a new van (according to the story)….to now we have two vans? But I loved the Olds!!!! What did you do with it? Junk it?

9 03 2009
mark - in my own defense

If you’d like I can take it apart and mail it to you in little tiny bits.

9 03 2009

Or you could eat it, like Kinger eating the Jeep!

This is an amazing story. Just don’t know what else to say.

9 03 2009
Daddy Forever

Glad you told me this story. I was thinking of selling our old Camry because it just sits in the garage most of the time. Of course, when I do sell it, the mini-van will probably die.

10 03 2009

I’m so sorry for your car woes. We’ve had similiar weekends where both cars seemingly have a suicide pact. I have to say, we also feel that cars are evil and have often times thought about just going to a horse and cart system.

My worst experience with a car – it burst into flames. In my driveway. With the engine turned off. No foul play was involved; it seems to have been a simple case of spontaneous combustion.

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