1 05 2009

Ben was three years old yesterday.  Like last year I’m going to talk about some of the things he can do this April that he couldn’t last April.  Benjamin seems much more aware of his surroundings now.  He really notices what’s going on, and most of it entertains him.


Ben is balancing better on his own, taking some steps in his gait trainer, and even balancing on the couch by himself for short periods of time.  


Benjamin is much more interactive with people now.  This started last August when he would sit on my lap and watch the Olympics all evening.  He really enjoys attention, and lets you know it.


Ben is crawling now, and rolling all over the floor to get to toys and other things left on the floor.  It’s become his favorite thing to do.  

ben hits the whammy bar for total rock domination


Ben is doing a little better with feeding.  We’ve been working with the feeding clinic, and they’ve been advising us on how to introduce food, etc.  He’s started opening his mouth for food out of resignation.  It seems we are wearing through his defenses little by little.  


He did, however, like the frosting from his birthday cake.  


Happy Birthday Ben.



11 responses

1 05 2009

Happy Birthday Ben! Love the picture of him with the icing. What a cutie.

1 05 2009

Wow, I can’t believe how much he’s changed in the year or so that I’ve been following your blog. His face has changed a lot, but he’s also doing so much more! Happy birthday to Ben!

1 05 2009

Happy Birthday, Ben. You are such a big boy. Keep up the good work.

1 05 2009
Heidi @ ggip

Happy Birthday Ben! He definitely looks older in this group of photos. I’m glad that he is exploring and enjoying his world–especially that frosting! That last picture is so great!

5 05 2009

happy b-day. he looks so much like my boy!!!!!! he’ll be 3 soon. typing with 1 hand and ahhhhhhh

5 05 2009

sorry about that………………maple syrup spill.

6 05 2009

Happy Birthday Ben!! Love all the photos, he has really accomplished a lot in a year.

7 05 2009
Daddy Forever

Happy Birthday Ben! Looks like soon you will be more talented than your dad.

11 05 2009

Hurray for Ben! I LOVE the pictures, especially the cake ones. He’s adorable. And that’s awesome that he’s doing so much and making progress with eating orally.

13 05 2009

i love the birthday update. Ben is so adorable! I love this pictures with him eating frosting. He reminds me so much of my Jacob at that age.

6 06 2009
Dave Jones

Happy Birthday Ben! photos are amazing.

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