And the winner is…

9 06 2008

This is where I post the results of my first ever giveaway. If you missed it, here it is.

After the first day I wasn’t sure what kind of a turnout there would be, but wow! This was awesome, and I was very pleased to see that I’m not the only one out there with a sadistic sense of humor. Thank you to everyone who participated, whether your suggestions were real or facetious (or both). The entries were so good that I must begin by honoring some that were awesome but didn’t win.

Honorable Mentions

Lauren was the early frontrunner. Not necessarily for the names, but she had by far the best stories. And her blog has the best tagline ever.

Bennie advertised my contest on his blog. That’s because he’s awesome like that, but then he went and made reference to “baby #5,” and that broke basically the only rule we had.

Karen’s Dad suggested Eddoes, which was the first food-related entry, and I thought it was brilliant. But if we’re talking Trinidadian heritage, wouldn’t Beddoe be a better name, in honor of the last stop for food and drink on your way to Maracas? And with three brothers he’s sure to be an “Uncle Beddoe” eventually.

Kristi suggested I.P. Freely, which was the only reference to those Bart Simpson crank calls that we love so well. I was secretly hoping for more entries like this.

But there can be only one winner, and as soon as I read Sandi’s culinary based entries, complete with alternate spellings, the contest was pretty much over.

And now for the winning entries (take your pick):

1. Gryll Marx
2. Char Broyel
3. Stayk Flambay
4. Ryyb I.
5. Sirloyn Stayk
6. Philay Menyon
7. Hoht Kwyzeen
8. Byrnt Dynner
9. Soopis Ezy
10. Weldon Berger

My personal favorite was Gryll Marx. Marx is close to Mark so I could call him Junior. Or would that be Joonyur?

This was a lot of fun. I’ll have to do another giveaway sometime, but I’m not having any more kids so it will have to be a different kind of contest.