My superpower

13 01 2009

Hi.  My name is Mark and here’s my superpower.  I can watch the Steelers in the playoffs and still keep quiet enough that two babies can fall asleep on my lap.  Ben hasn’t been feeling well and required a lap to sit on all day on Sunday.  And Nate was, well, he was being Nate.  

he can still wave the terrible towel while sleeping

So I had two babies on my lap while Karen made dinner and helped Jonathan glue candy fish to a cutout of a snowman for kindergarten.  Ask her about that one, I have no clue.

Some good did come out of it.  Nathaniel got his first lesson in waving a Terrible Towel.


Merry Christmas from us

24 12 2008

Dear Santa, all we want for Christmas is for Daddy to stop taking so many pictures.  

Nate says "Don't drop me!!!!"

the tonsils are still there...

Somebody help... he's choking me...

Homage to Christmas Past

22 12 2008

Crash Bandicoot was Isaac’s first video game addiction.  I can highly recommend it for children.  It’s very silly and the kids love them still.  Yes, I caught Isaac playing Crash Bandicoot Warped on my old PlayStation 1 last month.  And this first exposure to video games came with a lesson in marketing for Mom and Dad.  At the mall arcade Karen and a four-year-old Isaac noticed a plush Sonic Hedgehog as a prize for winning tickets.  Isaac was inspired and asked if he could have a stuffed Crash Bandicoot.  “Maybe Santa will bring one” says Mommy.  Later that evening a very worried Mommy looked on Ebay to see if such a thing existed.  It did, and Santa brought it for Christmas.  

That was four years ago, and Crash has seen better days.  As the boys get older they enjoy torturing plush toys, especially ones that are already starting to rip at the seams (You should what Isaac did to the Spiderman at my sister’s house).  One of Crash’s arms was starting to separate, so he became the latest victim of the fearsome Four Cousins of Destruction

CSI PlayStation

I’ve been given no details of the interrogation (and I have no idea what happened to his eyeball), but this is how Crash was found the day after Thanksgiving.  As “Mean Ole’ Auntie Dawn” was about to earn her title I informed her that Crash was not long for this world anyway.  She relented.  Crash is bound for the refuse, and it does make us a little sad because it reminds us of a different time in our lives.  Jonathan couldn’t talk yet.  MMmmmmmm………………

Round 1: Feeling each other out

2 09 2008

Nathaniel likes to be held.  All the time.  But one day last week we set him down beside Ben for a while so they could get to know each other.  Nate was very taken with Ben, and was doing all sorts of messing with him.  Ben is used to being messed with (he’s got big brothers you know), so he took it in stride, all the while bopping Nate on the head with his forearm.

…because it was 68 degrees outside

17 08 2008

Being married to someone from the Caribbean is kinda cool.  No, it’s really cool.  I love Karen’s heritage and the culture of Trinidad.  And the food is pretty awesome too.  But here’s the thing.  In Trinidad they have a different definition of the word cold than we do here in the temperate zones.  Chilly in Trinidad is 70 degrees (21 Celsius).  Cold is anything below 70 degrees.  They wear jackets in Trinidad on chilly evenings.  Some even have electric blankets for when the nights drop below 70.  I, on the other hand, have trouble sleeping if the room is above 70 degrees.  So at home I turn the thermostat way up during the day and way down at night.  Karen has adapted to this for the most part, but the rest of her family isn’t so used to it.  During a visit in December I found her brother sleeping bundled up with a blanket and comforter as well as his winter coat and hat.

The good thing about Karen being pregnant during the summer is that she never complained about it being too cold in the house.  But she’s not pregnant any more, so it has returned.  And I thought she was finally adapting to the climate.  So when we had some unusual weather last week with rain, hail, and cooler temperatures, it took her (and us all) by surprise.  We took the kids to Borders one evening after it had finished raining, and Karen was shocked at how the temperature had dropped.  It was 68 degrees outside, and when Karen felt that cold Pennsylvania air she went and put on some long pants and long sleeves.  And since her motto is “If I’m cold then the baby must be cold,” she also found some warmer clothes for Nathaniel.

To be fair, he is less than a month old and this was one of our first outings with him.  But I thought it was pretty awesome to have him bundled up like that in August.

Their first group activity

5 08 2008

Baby? What baby?

29 07 2008

This is the first in a new series I’m doing.  It’s very similar to a Wordless Wednesday, but since I now have two babies at home I’m calling it Twosday Tuesday. (Get it? I thought of it all by myself.)  I even made a new category for it so if you click on that you can see all the entries and feel yourself become happier as you gaze at the incredible cuteness.  This series will focus on the dynamic relationship between Benjamin and Nathaniel.  In this picture we’re in the “I’m gonna ignore it until it goes away” phase of the relationship.