Battle Royale

24 03 2009

Nate and Ben have been battling it out over toys lately.  It’s a toss up who’s going to win each one, but Nathaniel has been winning more and more of them.  Ben, however, has a secret weapon.  Once the toy is gone, he often loses interest. 

Let the games begin

This wonderful activity table was a Christmas present to the little ones from their dear Auntie Dawn.  It’s very cool that they can both play with it at the same time.  Nate still wants to keep pulling it away from Ben, though.

For my sister, whom I may have offended

17 02 2009

While I moved away from western PA after college, my sister moved BACK to western PA.  This has proven over the years to be beneficial for many reasons.  One of these is that occasionally she sends us items that are of a Black and Gold nature.  A delivery of that sort arrived less than a week after the Super Bowl.  T-shirts for everyone in the family (provided that I’m the same size as my 8-year-old) and that was way cool.  She asked me on the phone if they were going to feature in one of my now-famous Tuesday Twosday posts, and my reaction was something like “Oh, not this week.  It will be at least next week, if at all.”

Hmmm.  That may have been a little rude.  In my defense, two of my children and one of my wives were sick that weekend so I was a little preoccupied while on the phone.  

So this past weekend I decked out the little ones in their new shirts and Isaac helped me with the photo shoot.  It was fun, even if nobody smiled.

Look!  Daddy's doing something silly behind the camera!

Later I gave them a toy to fight over.  

back off buddy, don't make me use this

Taking these pictures is going to be very fun for a few months.

I’m Now Accepting Bids

2 02 2009

It wasn’t the refs, it wasn’t the crowd, it wasn’t the weather.  The difference in the game was my cooking and you know it.  Two years in a row now I’ve picked the Super Bowl winner correctly based solely on my cooking.  If any team would like my services I would be happy to start the bidding at two tickets to the game.

Ben was riveted by the game the whole time, honest.

And one other thing.  I can officially say that the most effective Super Bowl ad was the one for the Hyundai Genesis.  With all those people yelling “Hyundai!!!” a two-year-old in the room started yelling it too.

Table for six, please

27 01 2009

This past Saturday was the first time we actually asked for a table for six at a restaurant.  Nathaniel is just now learning how to sit up, and Ben is just now staying seated without trying to climb out.  Apparently an unexpected benefit of us spending all that time with Ben at the high chair at home is that he likes sitting at a table and playing with toys now.  So we sat them together and ate our lunch.

ben thought it was the wine list, nate thought it was onion rings

And Ben looks awesome in his new glasses.

My superpower

13 01 2009

Hi.  My name is Mark and here’s my superpower.  I can watch the Steelers in the playoffs and still keep quiet enough that two babies can fall asleep on my lap.  Ben hasn’t been feeling well and required a lap to sit on all day on Sunday.  And Nate was, well, he was being Nate.  

he can still wave the terrible towel while sleeping

So I had two babies on my lap while Karen made dinner and helped Jonathan glue candy fish to a cutout of a snowman for kindergarten.  Ask her about that one, I have no clue.

Some good did come out of it.  Nathaniel got his first lesson in waving a Terrible Towel.

Woah! Look at that!

9 12 2008

It’s very interesting to see just what grabs the attention of babies and small children.  And if you can hold the attention of more than one at a time (and if you’ve got the assistance of an older brother to make sure Ben doesn’t roll away), well then you’ve got yourself a photo op.  

yeah, yeah!  Um, where is it again?

And no, I have no idea what they’re looking at, even though I was that close to them.  But Ben rolled away, and then there was one..

no i don't know where ben went

One little baby lying on his tummy, started to cry and I gave him to Mummy! (To the tune of Five Purple Conkers)

put down that camera and pick me up already!

Game on

18 11 2008

This is a special guest edition of Twosday Tuesday.  Today Karen documents in a series of images the first official turf war between Benjamin and Nathaniel.  I am assuming it is the first of many struggles in the never ending battle to lay claim to baby toys.  It started innocently enough, with the two of them on the blanket.  We were going to give them each an Oball (that is what they are called), and take some cute baby pictures.

see, we're getting along now

Ben had other things in mind.  As soon as he saw the ball given to Nate he dropped his and positioned himself for a takeover.

hey kid, wanna buy a watch?

For those of you who were wondering if Ben is mobile, this counts as indisputable visual evidence.

why should I be worried?

Funny, Nate doesn’t even look worried yet.

Hey, whatcha doin'?

OK, now he looks a little worried.

O. Hai.  Diz ball iz minez.

I actually heard the words “It will be mine.  Oh yes, it will be mine.”

I can has Oball?

At this point Nate is asking me “You just sat there and let him do that?  Nice.  Yeah, you go put those on your blog.  Good idea.”  At this point we gave Nate the discarded Oball to play with, and he was very happy to have it thank you.

I haz an Oball.