Honey, we need more cooking spray.

22 10 2013

Welcome to my new blog.  Here’s what I do:


Banana bread is awesome.  We’ve found a great recipe for it online (let me see if I can find it….)

Flour’s Banana Bread Recipe

It’s a good thing that it doesn’t take too long to prepare, because one loaf lasts about an hour and a half at our house.  For a while I would buy two bunches of bananas at a time – one to eat and one to make bread with, because we’ve started making double recipes.  

Now, you know the part of the recipe that says “…lightly grease a loaf pan with shortening…”?  It is WAY easier to use cooking spray, let me tell you.  And it works just the same.  Except when it doesn’t.  

So I got to eat the first few bites out of the loaf pan with a fork.  It was still good.

Officially summer

26 05 2008

It took Mother Nature until Memorial Day weekend to get the memo that she was supposed to be warming things up. This has been a very cold and rainy spring, but this past weekend was glorious. That is, until dinnertime on Monday.

Isn’t that awesome? Just about the time I go outside to fire up the grill I feel raindrops. Karen made some kebabs, and those actually cooked on the grill, but the chicken ended up being cooked in the microwave and seared on the grill. While pulling the chicken off the grill in the rain I dropped one of the drumsticks on the ground in my haste. Oops.

We actually grilled every day this weekend, which was sweet. Sunday’s main course consisted of mesquite smoked chicken with homemade BBQ sauce. I got it from Weber’s cookbook and it turned out pretty good. It was for a whole chicken cut in half and cooked on the grill. I got the mesquite chips from Lowe’s because that’s where all good food comes from. But the recipe called for granulated garlic and onion. Here in PA farm country we don’t like that spicy food so we don’t carry it. I used minced instead, and it tasted okay to me. The directions said to use indirect heat, which looks like this:

And then it said to close the lid and let it cook for an hour and fifteen minutes. Remember what happens to chicken when I close the lid on the gas grill? Me too. At this point I’m scared because it’s almost 7:00pm and I’m just now making dinner and if it’s Chernobyl Chicken we’re eating it anyway. Then the spices on the skin turn this really encouraging shade of black, and I’m checking to see if Papa John’s is still on speed dial. But as it turns out this method of grilling chicken wasn’t all that bad. The drumsticks and wings dried out a bit (the kids eat those parts, so who cares?), but the breast and thighs were very juicy. Who knew? Just cut the bird in half and toss it on the grill. Karen said she could taste the mesquite smoke, but I wasn’t really sure what that tastes like, so I don’t know. But it did taste better than it looked.

Karen can vouch for me (this is the point where Karen speaks up and vouches for me).

Ben’s reach

21 04 2008

Monday was Panera day since nobody wanted to cook. We brought home our wonderful goodness, and since it was kind of cool and rainy I got potato soup. Ben didn’t want to sit in his high chair so he was sitting on my lap as I ate. It was an interesting exchange. Ben was holding a spoon because he likes to hold things, and I was trying to see if he’d let me feed him. He was squirming and not cooperating. In all honesty these days he’s a little more adverse to oral stimulation. Ben’s getting in a few teeth and he’s been making such progress with physical development that I guess the oral motor skills took a back seat. And that’s my fault.

At one point during dinner Ben dropped the spoon he was holding. It fell to my right, so I leaned over to get it. As that happened I guess I leaned Ben forward just a bit, and he saw something else that he wanted to play with. The Styrofoam bowl that the soup was in. By the time I came back up with the spoon (total elapsed time: 0.7 seconds) the bowl was tipped all the way over, and the soup dripping off the table.

So Benjamin is coming up with some pretty creative ways to put an end to any physical / occupational therapy sessions Mom and Dad try on occasion. Luckily it was a thick soup, so it didn’t all land on Ben and my lap.