Honey, we need more cooking spray.

22 10 2013

Welcome to my new blog.  Here’s what I do:


Banana bread is awesome.  We’ve found a great recipe for it online (let me see if I can find it….)

Flour’s Banana Bread Recipe

It’s a good thing that it doesn’t take too long to prepare, because one loaf lasts about an hour and a half at our house.  For a while I would buy two bunches of bananas at a time – one to eat and one to make bread with, because we’ve started making double recipes.  

Now, you know the part of the recipe that says “…lightly grease a loaf pan with shortening…”?  It is WAY easier to use cooking spray, let me tell you.  And it works just the same.  Except when it doesn’t.  

So I got to eat the first few bites out of the loaf pan with a fork.  It was still good.